In Another Barbie Trailer, Reality Nibbles Margot Robbie

In the recently delivered trailer for Greta Gerwig's Barbie film, the nominal doll leaves Barbieland for this present reality.

Barbie is prepared to party examine her own mortality. Another trailer for Greta Gerwig's profoundly expected Barbie film has dropped, and in it, the nominal doll — played by Margot Robbie — is getting existential.

In the trailer, Barbie is addressing everything after a virus shower, tumbling off her rooftop, and losing her impeccably curved feet. Before sufficiently long, Robbie's Barbie is stood up to by Kate McKinnon's more endured Barbie doll and given a decision: she can remain in Barbieland, or toss on a couple of Birkenstocks and branch out into this present reality to “know reality with regards to the universe.”

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