Magnitude 2.2 earthquake rattles parts of New York metro area

A 2.2 size tremor struck the New York metropolitan region early Friday morning, Fox Weather conditions affirmed to The Post, leaving numerous around the city jarred conscious by the quake.

The shudder hit south of Hastings-on-Hudson in Westchester Area around 2 a.m., while the thundering appeared to be gathered in White Fields, Yonkers, and portions of upper east New Jersey, as per Fox meteorologist Christopher Tate.

There were no quick reports of harm nearby.

One inhabitant professed to have felt the minor tremor as distant as Danbury, Conn, as per the US Geographical Study (USGS).

Stunned neighborhood inhabitants hurried to Twitter following the interesting quake.
“I think New York just had a quake… . Cause my bed was shaking and awakened me,” tweeted another client who detailed feeling the tremor.

Tremors of a size of 3 and underneath won't normally bring about much harm however are sufficiently able to be felt by those in the impacted region, as per the USGS.

Huge annihilation typically possibly happens when the tremor's sizes are around 5.5 or higher.

In August 2011, a 5.8 size tremor shook the East Coast and a few Canadian provenances, focusing on serious the perils that might emerge in the clueless areas of North East America.

“Harming tremors don't strike the eastern U.S. frequently, yet the possible outcomes of not understanding and anticipating such occasions with their broadly conveyed shaking could be extreme,” a top USGS official, told the organization in 2021.

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