Tory Lanez awaits sentencing for shooting Megan Thee Stallion

Rapper and maker Conservative Lanez was supposed to be condemned Monday for shooting individual craftsman Megan You Steed. He messed her up in July 2020 as they left a party in Los Angeles.

Tomorrow, rapper and maker Conservative Lanez is supposed to be condemned in a Los Angeles court. Last year, he was sentenced for three crime counts connected with shooting individual craftsman Megan You Steed. He messed her up in July 2020 as they left a party. Going along with us now with the most recent is NPR culture journalist Anastasia Tsioulcas. Hello, Anastasia.


CHANG: alright. There has been such a huge amount to and fro between Conservative Lanez and Megan You Steed since this entire shooting occurred a while back. Could you at any point remind us how we arrived?

TSIOULCAS: Definitely. So Megan You Steed, whose given name is Megan Pete, left a party with Conservative Lanez, whose given name is Daystar Peterson. What's more, Peterson's guardian was in the vehicle alongside a lady named Kelsey Harris. So Pete and Peterson got into a contention, and he started taking shots at her. What's more, from the get go, Ailsa, Megan told police she'd cut her foot. What's more, she later affirmed in court she was so terrified of both Peterson and the police that she believed she was unable to come clean. What's more, during the preliminary, Megan likewise affirmed that Conservative Lanez had apologized and that he offered both her and Harris 1,000,000 bucks each to stay silent about the shooting.

CHANG: And the actual preliminary has consumed a large chunk of the day, correct? Like, Conservative Lanez changed out his guard group. He additionally arranged help from some individual specialists, similar to Drake. Might you at any point tell us – what's been happening?

TSIOULCAS: Yes. Furthermore, he's additionally attempted to assemble support in the court of popular assessment. Several months after the shooting, Conservative Lanez delivered a collection in which he rejected that he had shot her, and he declared that he had been outlined. Furthermore, investigators later said he had sent off, quote, “a mission to embarrass and retraumatize the person in question” and that he weaponized deception via virtual entertainment to turn popular assessment against Megan. Furthermore, there's been a great deal of public discussion around that – how he attempted to turn fans against Megan – and particularly how that affects her as an Individual of color who was a survivor of savagery.

CHANG: Better believe it. Indeed, how long are investigators looking for the sentence?

TSIOULCAS: So this is really fascinating. Examiners had requested that the appointed authority sentence Conservative Lanez to 13 years in jail out of a potential limit of over 22 years. Also, they said, to a limited extent, that was on the grounds that he had endeavored to disparage Megan after he shot her.

Yet, there's an extremely fascinating thing continuing right now in California. There was an as of late passed regulation that was intended to be a proportion of improvement in law enforcement. Furthermore, under that new regulation, courts are expected to force a center length of a potential jail term except if there are irritating conditions.

CHANG: Goodness, fascinating.

TSIOULCAS: So that is the manner by which we showed up at 13 years as a potential sentence.

CHANG: Out of a limit of 22. Alright. Indeed, this isn't in any event, going to mean the demise of it for Conservative Lanez, correct? What are other lawful issues that he's confronting?

TSIOULCAS: So the – one more fascinating thing about this is that, despite the fact that Conservative Lanez has totally made his vocation in the US, he's really a Canadian resident, and that truly intends that, after he serves anything the prison term may be, assuming that is forced, he could be confronting conceivable removal back to Canada.

CHANG: That is NPR culture reporter Anastasia Tsioulcas. Many thanks, Anastasia.

TSIOULCAS: Gratitude for having me.

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